About Denville Dance

Hello and welcome to Denville Dance Arts Center! We began under the direction of Nadine Prester.   Nadine opened the world of dance to her daughters Cara and Lyn and they worked together until Nadine retired. Their dream is to continue to help young people and adults realize their potential by celebrating the joy of life through dance. Our passion and personal mission is to train in a positive environment that focuses on dependability, punctuality, responsibility, respect, and teamwork. 


We understand that the majority of students at any dance studio do not go on to have a professional dance career. So what is there to gain from the countless hours of practice, the financial investment made and the personal sacrifice paid in the pursuit of developing talent in the art of dance?

Here at Denville Dance Arts Center we strive to provide our students with not only the technical dance skills to pursue a professional dance career, should they be interested, but more importantly, teach them essential skills that lead to success in whatever they pursue.

Along the way they will make memories and lifelong friendships! They will learn to be part of a team, time management, great work habits and critical thinking. Goals are made and young dancers learn to work towards attaining those goals.