Open house is for new registration for dancers age 7 and up.  You can come to the studio on the Sparkle Days listed below to meet the teachers, see the studio and find out what you need to do before your first day of dance. 


SPARKLE DAY         Come to a free dance class at Sparkle Day for ages 2-6! Try a Twinkle Stars or Babies class with a mixture of ballet, creative movement, and get your summer started with dancing fun.

As a bonus, if you register for a class on Sparkle Day you'll get to take home a free Tutu Dress!

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Monday August 5th
6-6:30pm Ages 2-3
6:30-7pm Ages 4-6

Wednesday August 21st
10-10:30am Ages 2-3
10:30-11am Ages 4-6
6:00-6:30pm Ages 2-3
6:30-7:00 Ages 4-6

Thursday September 5th
6-6:30pm Ages 2-3
6:30-7pm Ages 4-5

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email  OUR PHONE LINES OUR DOWN UNTIL JULY 29,2019


They will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram