Combo Classes

Your dancer will love our combo classes that help introduce them to more than one style of dance. Offered ages 4+


Class Day Time Teacher Ages
Ballet/Tap Friday 4.00-4.30 Miss Linda 3-4
Ballet/Jazz Monday 4.00-4.45 Miss Sarah 4-6
Ballet/Tap Friday 4.30-5.15 Miss Linda 5-6
Tap/Jazz Wednesday 4.15-5.00 TBD 5-8
Ballet/Lyrical Monday 4.45-5.45 Miss Sarah 7-10
Tap/Jazz Monday 6.30-7.30 Miss Alyssa 7-10
Tap/Jazz Friday 6.00-6.45 Miss Linda 7-10
Ballet/Lyrical Thursday 4.15-5.15 Miss Sarah 11+


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Tags: ages 4+, combo

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